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Export Mac Mail to PST with this smart converter and make your life easier!

Technology as it has evolved has always worked towards providing you the comfort that was never there. And in case of email conversion it has had one of the most positive impact.

Development of new age email converter have made exporting your email files from one format to another, in this case exporting Mac Mail to PST, a lot easier and safer. 

The converter that is a cut above the rest: Mail Extractor Pro

Mail Extractor Pro is one such next generation converter tool that helps you achieve all your conversion goals. The tool is a combination of all the best features. It offers control, power, precision etc. to give you a complete solution to convert Mac Mail to PST.

Export Mac Mail to PST

Convert everything from ASCII to Unicode

Exporting Mac Mail to PST involves a lot of technicalities. It goes to the most basic layer before converting Apple Mail Export to PST. That even involves the encoding scheme of the data.

Major portion of the data transferred via emails include texts which is encoded with ASCII format. And rest of the non-English or non-textual data that includes attachments etc. is encoded using Unicode scheme.

Since most converters that export Apple Mail to PST are equipped with the tool kit to convert the ASCII data they have no problem the textual part, but the problem occurs when it comes to converting the Unicode data.

Since the encoding scheme is a bit different therefore, it becomes a little tricky to convert while exporting Mac Mail to PST. Most converter fail at this very step and the process ends up being an incomplete one.

Mail Extractor Pro converts all the Unicode data present in your input file providing you a complete and safe conversion process.

Accuracy: To the Point

Accuracy is one feature of your converter tool that ensures that everything is converted when you export Apple Mail to PST. In Mail Extractor Pro you get the most accurate converter tool in the market.

The accuracy of this converter is such that it leaves nothing behind while exporting Mac Mail to PST. The tool ensures that not even a single bit of data is left behind while loading the email database file.

It even retains the folder hierarchy of the input file while converting Mac Mail to PST.

This feature comes in handy when you must do some post conversion operations on the output file. As you are already familiar with the folder structure, you face no problem is locating the data or debugging the file.

Easy to Use

Mail Extractor Pro provides you with the easiest to use interface for a tool that converts Mac Mail to PST.

Most of the tool used for exporting Mac Mail to PST often come with a hard to use interface. It was compromised upon as the tools dealt with a lot of complexities, so it was expected that the tool would be hard to operate.

Mail Extractor Pro broke that stereotype by giving you one of the simplest and easiest to use interface for a tool that converts Mac Mail to PST.

The interface only shows you what is necessary for exporting Mac Mail to PST. It even provides you informative wizards at every step to guide you through the conversion process, hence making it all easier for you.

Get all this and a lot more without paying anything    

The tool offers a free to download trial version that offers all this and a lot more for you to try before buying the premium version. So, get started today.


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